What Do You Really Believe, part II

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When I hear long-time people of God say that they have never doubted God, I immediately know that they are trying to project their perception (interpretation) of holiness when they are simply lying to themselves and others. We must understand the destruction of such a lie. It leaves people feeling worse about themselves because they feel helpless by never being able to attain such faith.

Those who are completely honest must confess that they have doubted somewhere along the line, even if only a glimmer that shot across their mind for a millisecond. The more people refuse total honesty about the matter, even with the best of intentions so to not lead someone astray, the more people fall away. This is because no one can live up to such a high standard of perfection. How can one learn how to overcome by the blood of the Lamb lest they see the example of seasoned Christ-followers who have already overcome?

When I hear that someone strong in the Lord admits to having, at some point on some level, doubted God, it reminds me that we can ALL overcome doubt and fear – THIS is HOPE. The more we pretend to be something we are not in any area of life, the more of a mess it makes for onlookers. Stop lying. Regular people need to see that you’ve had real obstacles, doubts and insecurities and that only through the truth of the Kingdom of God could you be where you are now (in a strong, intimate relationship with the Lord) and where you are going (an ever closer walk with Him so to expand the Kingdom of God).

There is always freedom in truth so let us all stop being so afraid of it. Fear causes destruction. Faith, truth, hope and the love of God bring the building up of the weak. The truth will always incite respect whether it’s pleasant to hear or not. This is, as they say, real talk.

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Alexys V. Wolf

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