Rest in Re-established Order, part II

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In Our Image:

“Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth (Genesis 1:26, NAS).’”

This is the first reference to the Trinity. It was not used until the making of Adam. Mankind has the capacity, as God freely gave, to be as God. Carefully watch where this is going. It was not and is not His plan for anyone to overthrow Him through pride as man would like to do, much like Satan and those at the tower of Babel attempted. His plan was and is for mankind to be able to commune with Him on His level as one entity as a friend and constant companion. God cannot re-create Himself – He is the Triune God. Any attempt He has or would make to re-create Himself will fall short because there is only One.

Authority was given to man over every “creeping thing.” Before Satan (a creeping thing) showed himself, mankind had authority over him. Unfortunately, Adam refused to assert his authority. “Let Us make man,” the Word states in verse 26. Once again, make is not create. As this verse would suggest, man of some sort had previously been “created” before Adam.

Allow me, if you will, a moment of pause to elaborate. I am often asked, “what about dinosaurs and cavemen and all the scientific findings of life before Adam.” To this question I respond thusly: The Bible is the lineage of Adam and restored life to a wrecked earth. If you were to write a book of the lineage of your family, it would leave out a lot of information because the focus is specifically your family history.

As we continue to see the difference between “made” and “created,” we’ve just pointed out that the word “make” is used in reference to Adam prior to the next text of “created.” My theory based on the first few texts of Genesis is that, on earth prior to it becoming void, shapeless and covered in darkness, there was God’s first creation of man – possibly those which we lovingly refer as cavemen. They were not created in God’s image. After God restored the earth and filled it, He then created a new type of man, the difference between the former and the latter is the “in Our image” part. It’s a tiny detail that’s actually quite huge! Let’s now continue to verse 27.

“God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them (Genesis1:27, NAS).

Here we see the word created. Man, the way we are present day, is in fact a creation, meaning a new and improved version of man. The creation part was allowing man to possess the “image of God.” To reiterate, the original creation of man was not “in the image of God.”

Genesis chapter 5 confirms that the Bible is the lineage of Adam, but it certainly does not mean that nothing went on prior to Adam because upon review, it’s obvious something significant happened! Why do we limit God? I agree that anything before Adam is strictly speculation; if Yahweh wanted us to know details, He would have written them. I simply say again that we need to read the Scriptures accurately, and not as we have always heard. We are all called to study to show ourselves approved and to test every spirit.

The Problem with Adam:

The problem I see with Adam is that he was merely an image. I liken him unto a mirror image. When we look into a mirror, we see an exact replica of self. However, the image is lacking because it is one dimensional and it is not the genuine article; it’s an illusion of reality.

Adam was not God. Although Adam did have a soul (mind, will and emotions), his spirit was dormant and could not commune properly with the living God who is a spirit being. He was yet to be filled with Holy Spirit because, prior to His fall, God was externally present, directing and instructing. It was his soul that led him to break God’s commandment and do as the woman instructed. Because of emotions, Adam chose Eve’s instruction over God’s. He was supposed to use his God-given soul power to rule the earth, not to be led into disobedience.

Hope you’ll come back next week as we continue this topic. It requires careful study so as to clear some long-standing misconceptions. If you are interested in reading more, check out my website to order my books, or go to my Facebook ministry page where I post regularly. Blessings!

 Alexys V. Wolf



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