The Root of the Problem, part VI

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Discerning Good from Evil:

Adam and Eve were born into perfection; we are born into imperfection. They came knowing no evil; we come into the world knowing evil. Even small babies know how to manipulate by crying. They catch on to that within days, if not moments. We have to be taught what is right. Adam and Eve had to come into knowledge of what is wrong. We have to come into knowledge of good. Only through Holy Spirit can one truly separate good from evil. Without His Spirit inserted within us and then activated, grey areas will constantly overwhelm us.

Even those with good morals and the best intentions are often unable to decipher good from evil. Confusion sets in. Since Satan is the author of confusion, without Holy Spirit activated, he has a foothold in us. This is why Christ-followers have such a difficult time. Few people within the Body of Christ have any knowledge or understanding of Holy Spirit’s role in their lives. Holy Spirit is not a “what” but a “Who.” We generally hear of Him only at water baptism which is tragic because, aside from Him, there is no life – only death.   

I believe that God always wanted man to have complete knowledge, but He knew all this hardship would have to be endured by all generations of Adam. Man’s flesh is so strong-willed that most people, most followers of The Way, are in love with their flesh (creation) instead of God (Creator). They either becoming lukewarm wanting both the world’s charms and knowledge of God which renders them useless; or they become cold and indifferent toward God because they never experience His magnificence.

To clarify, evil doesn’t necessarily mean just the murdering rapist on skid row. It is any part of our selfish flesh that we do not surrender totally to God. Rebellion is any area where we willingly refuse to do exactly as He instructs.


We’ll pick up here next week as we continue with The Root of the Problem. The blog is currently excerpts from the 2nd edition of my first book, What Was God Thinking? Why Adam Had To Die; it will be available in the next few weeks. If you are interested in reading more, check out my website to order my books, or go to my Facebook ministry page where I post regularly. Blessings!


Alexys V. Wolf

One thought on “The Root of the Problem, part VI

    RoseAnn Branham Roth said:
    September 4, 2014 at 1:15

    This is all so good to read. It always helps to explain things better.

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