About the Ministry

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The Fiery Sword purposes to bring truth in love; to usher people out of rigid religious tradition and into a Kingdom mindset. Through the move of Holy Spirit, we purpose for blind eyes to be opened, deaf ears to be unstopped, and minds to be unveiled that have too long been bound in religious rhetoric.


To experience unity within the Body of Christ across the globe by breaking down barriers that have plagued the Church far too long. The goal is enlarging people’s understanding of both the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached as well as discovering the person of Holy Spirit.

Alexys is a firm believer that truth in love ushers the freedom of Christ, and nothing less. She is Kingdom-minded which is vastly different than denominationally-minded. Jesus came preaching and teaching “The Kingdom” and came against the religious who only put more of a burden upon people. There IS freedom in Christ, we just need understanding as to how to move out of religiosity and into obedience through love. We are a people of covenant, not contract.

Once God’s people begin to understand the difference, their life will be transformed never to be the same! Jesus did not bring condemnation, but truth. Within the truth, He exposed the sin nature – then taught how to be redeemed from it.

Religion is not the answer to problems. Church attendance is not the answer. Changing your denominational preference is not the answer. Falling in love with Christ is! When we fall in love with God, we cease focusing on “our rights” (contract) and begin to see only His heart of love for mankind (covenant).

If you are interested in extending her an invitation to your next event, you may reach her at thefierysword@windstream.net or 803-238-5166.


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