Alexys is about to take you on a journey. The book set, Discovering the Person of Holy Spirit, is not like any books I have ever read about Holy Spirit; I’m not even sure if I would call them books. They’re more of a reference, a study guide, and a testimony of the very heart and character of God. All four volumes of Discovering the Person of Holy Spirit take you deeper into the word of God than most would endeavor. Author Wolf has a way of breaking it down and feeding you line upon line, precept upon precept. This book is foundational, yet a tender haul over the coals for the intellectual who thinks he or she may have “read it all”. Subtly, she will eliminate every excuse you have to not walk fully in God’s will for your life and eradicate the very justification you thought you had for not knowing and walking in His Word. I believe she actually writes, “Partial commitment is really no commitment at all”.

Accepting who we are and then understanding who we are with Holy Spirit is a revelation that can only come from “knowing” God’s Word and God personally. Alexys V. Wolf ensures that accurate interpretation is expressed and her findings are explored thoroughly. She dissects Scripture within the Word of God, digging deeper into the original intent and language. She leads us with assurance leaving no room for uncertainty. There comes a point in each of our lives…a kairos moment; a point in time that extraordinarily changes you, one that can’t be defined by human efforts, and one that couldn’t be expected. I believe at one point while reading this expose’ on Scripture, you will have your defining moment. You will begin a sentence and by the time you are finished, you will be altered. It’s not by anything that Alexys can say but rather how she aims you to His Truth. Like an arrow, you are about to be thrust headfirst into a deeper knowledge of a source so powerful and a supply so sweet that, not only will you be changed, but those around you will have an encounter because of your experience!     

Above all else, you cannot decide what parts of Christ you want, accept, or believe. You may want to think twice before continuing to read any further. Whether you are ready or not, you are about to be changed. God’s word is powerful and Alexys has filled these pages with His word, His interpretation and His Truth – Truth convicts and transforms.

Finally, there is no need to find a place on your bookshelf for this book. The moment I finished, I wanted to go back to page one and begin again. If you are like I, you will want to be sure your hi-lighters are full of ink and pen is in hand! Don’t get too comfortable. All four volumes of Discovering the Person of Holy Spirit will bring you to your knees, they will bring you to a place of repentance, a place of desperation and true freedom. Oh, and I should probably warn you that the passion that Alexys carries is largely contagious! ~by Carrie L. King


Rating: 5.0 stars

The three volumes of Looking for God teach practical application of God’s commands and promises. They are a guide to help instruct any person how to get from one level to the next in Christ.


Looking for God is well written and cohesive, no easy task. It has a purpose and flows straight to that purpose: how we can live more fully in the freedom Jesus has for us. Your writing is biblical and practical. I especially liked the prayers at the end of each chapter as well as the glimpses you give throughout regarding your personal story. I must confess that I’m partial to “The Wilderness” chapter because that has been a theme I’ve wrestled with for years. – Pastor Mike Turner, Lexington Baptist Church, SC

As a practicing Catholic for over seventy years, I was interested, enlightened, and challenged by Looking for God. It certainly might anger some, especially those who profess to be leaders of their church, because it clearly points out how ineffectual many of their approaches are in properly [guiding] their followers to find God. It provides the process and practical applications that not only church leaders should learn, but more importantly, every Christian should learn so others find God in them. It deserves to be read. – Richard Scholtes, retired Major General, FL

I can honestly say that God used this book, Looking for God, in my own life, before leaving Iraq to prepare me for things to come. Thank you, Alexys, for allowing the Holy Spirit of God to lead you in your writing, and I’m sure He’ll continue to move through you in the years to come, my friend!! – Eddie Crain, retired military, TX

4th of New 2017’s Short-Series


The struggle in digesting truth is that most people don’t want to come out of their man-made traditions and they don’t want to be removed from their comfort zones. The majority of folks do not want to make anyone mad or offended because they’re afraid of what will happen. The general population within and without the body of Christ definitely does not want to be hated by family, friends, peers, bosses, employees or pretty much anyone. Fear, pride and rebellion are leading those who refuse to consume, swallow, digest and properly apply truth. These same people don’t want to have their lives altered in any way – they’re happy the way they are.

People who do choose to separate themselves from the norm or the majority, because they want to get out of whatever lie is being peddled in their environment, are deemed troublemakers and rebels. When lies are exposed, those doing the exposing are defined as pot-stirrers, meddlers, and other negatives. It can become cumbersome being the outcast, the one whom everyone despises even though that which should be despised is the lie they’ve abided such a long time.

No one wants Luke 6:22 to become their reality, plain and simple. Those who do want truth, most assuredly, do not want to be reviled for it. Few care about their reward in Heaven because it’s too far away; it’s more of a myth than a reality. Most want the right-here-and-now acceptance of man. It’s easier to be a Sunday Christian rather than a sold-out, utterly surrendered person of God because the former condition requires nothing of self other than church attendance, doing some good deeds, and not cussing, smoking or drinking, so to speak.

In the history of the world, God’s people have been slain, martyred, burned, flogged, drown, despised, loathed, imprisoned, and much more. Jesus Himself was adored just to be abandoned at the first sight of ridicule from peers, neighbors and the powerful religious leaders. Jesus, however, stayed the course. In the grand scheme of things, very few have stayed the path of Christ and His Kingdom.

The truth of God’s eternal Kingdom requires the relinquishing of self. It demands self-discipline, obedience to the Word, humility, truth, love, patience, and so on. Many of the undigested truths from within the presumed body of Christ are topics such as homosexuality, adultery, fornication – please note these all revolve around sexual desires and mankind does not like to be deprived of indulging such desires. Others are greed, malice, bitterness, lying, faithlessness, and much more.

Many, especially within the body of Christ, are walking lies; they operate naturally in the pretense of goodness, godliness, elitism, or whatever makes them appear as something better than what is reality. That alone is a lie few overcome because they have practiced it so long they fail to recognize it as a lie.

Not all lies are blatant. In fact, they’re generally the long-term falsehoods stemming from the pride of life that go undetected and, in turn, unrepented. And, if they do become aware through conviction that they’re living a lie, they do not acknowledge it as such simply because the truth of the matter is too hard to swallow, too embarrassing to make a move toward living a life of truth instead of a façade, or some other selfish reasoning. How many people want to admit to the world around them that what they’ve always portrayed is a lie? Only a humble, surrendered person can accomplish such a task.

The bottom line is, so far as I can tell, people don’t want to change from living a lie to living the truth because it will mess with their money, their power, their sexual pleasures, ego, and their overall life status quo. I pray wholeheartedly that this little book will bring readers to a place of absolute truth so they may live a life of peace, holiness, righteousness and humility. In this, the love of God will abound more and more, for them first, and then for those around them.

3rd of New 2017’s Short-Series

Front cover

In this life we are taught to fight and fight harder, to pray and pray harder, work and work harder. Life becomes exhausting drudgery in our feeble attempt to control, manipulate and fix everything we don’t like or that which is simply going haywire. The harder we try, the worse things often become because we needlessly wear out. We are enslaved by the heaviness of life.

If only we knew all that is required of those who are in Christ is to rest. Rest is the place of peace amid any storm, faith in the face of the impossible, quietude during chaos, joy in the midst of the unbearable, and to bask in the love of Christ when all other love has failed.

After all, how is working harder going to get God to usher into your life what He’s already finished? What is praying harder going to do to move Him? Why do we think more of us is required when less is actually the key? Praying once in confident faith God has already moved on your behalf is far more powerful than praying relentlessly expecting little to nothing to happen. Honestly, I don’t understand how one can productively “pray harder” as I hear so many folks say they do in crisis. I haven’t read anywhere in the Bible of that being a tool of God’s most faithful.

Praying without ceasing is not the same as praying harder which usually includes begging and pleading. We need to understand we are sons of God, heirs of His Kingdom, not paupers who beg for God’s leftovers and table scraps. He has ushered rest through Christ Jesus, not a call to more grueling laborious prayer and labor.

Christ never instructed us to work in the sense that we are to strive continuously to get from God that which we want and/or need. We are called to be at ease through unwavering faith in the Creator who is the lover of our souls. Stress, striving, and working with futility to please Him or get what we need are not the ways of God. Yes, we know that for those who “don’t work, don’t eat” but that’s the physical. Faith pleases God. Rest and peace are spiritual; they include knowing without doubting that God has already resolved whatever issue is at hand.

Yeshua need not “get to work” on your behalf as so many pray. All His work was completed before the foundation of the Earth, including Christ’s death and resurrection and our death and resurrection. There is nothing unresolved where God is concerned. We see this defined in Hebrews 4:3 which states with clarity, “For we who have believed enter that rest, as he has said, ‘As I swore in my anger, “They will never enter my rest!”’ And yet God’s works were accomplished from the foundation of the world.”

It is simply our position in Christ to rest during our prayers and fasting expecting the greatness and the fullness of God’s love to surface. The idea of “praying harder” is not something to which God has called His people. Rather, we are incited to pray in faith because His yoke is easy and the burden of following Him is light. Addressing life’s issues should be from the stance of, “Christ, You have completed this situation. Father, reveal to me how to pray so as to usher Your completed work. It’s already resolved, in Jesus’ name.” We pray from victory, not for it.

2nd of New 2017’s Short-Series

front cover

Life is full of ups and downs and round and rounds often having nothing to do with what we have or have not done; it’s just life on planet Earth. That being said, when these things happen, we become paralyzed and the freedom Christ gave us disappears from our sight. When that happens, we begin a series of bad decisions of our own volition causing us to go further into imprisonment in our minds and hearts. It isn’t God’s freedom has been removed; rather our mind tells us it was never available, it isn’t for us, or we’re so deeply into our conundrum it is no longer attainable.

            This short book is written for the sole purpose of aiding people to both attain and maintain freedom no matter how bleak things look or feel. One must always keep in mind feelings are just that – a vapor that waxes and wanes but holds little to no truth. When we can purpose to lock on to truth from God’s Kingdom, we will be better equipped to attain God’s free gift of the liberty that seems to elude most people.


1st of New 2017’s Short-Series


Your point of view has everything to do with the choices you make. The choices you make have everything to do with where you are in life. Some may argue, “Not always. Sometimes life throws you a curveball.” Of course, many things in life come without notice and without consent, but again, it’s how we respond to those curveballs that make or break our path. Attaining and maintaining a Kingdom-of-God perspective at all times will allow us to actually thrive through the worst of times. People’s biggest downfall in this life is not the circumstances, but how we perceive those circumstances. After all, perception is reality.

Throughout life, it is inevitable to be hit head-on with tough situations that produce a need to talk ourselves off a proverbial ledge from which we’d like to jump! Life isn’t smooth as depicted in works of fiction. Life has a million and one unexpected twists and turns and they can cause one, invariably, to want to inflict bodily harm to self or someone else, say things they ought not, run away, or even bring a sudden end to their life or another’s. Life is hard because we live on a planet condemned since The Fall of Man and it can cause a person to experience surges of mass emotions that are not controlled by Holy Spirit.

            In these situations, one must choose to mature into a place in Christ where it is possible to talk ourselves down without waiting for someone to come to our aid; sometimes there simply isn’t anyone available. These are the times where we grow if we so choose. These are the times where we can stop being dependent upon others to do for us what we who are hidden in Christ ought to be able to do for ourselves given the fact that Christ, who is our all-in-all, is the very breath we breathe. Holy Spirit is our comforter, our balance, our sanity, our calm and every other thing required to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. He encompasses everything required to encourage ourselves back into sanity, balance, peace, rest and a desire to move forward in His power.

            This book is written so as to give some guidance of how to do just that: talk yourself off the internal ledges of life from which we’d like to jump.


In their affliction, they will earnestly seek Me (Hosea 5:15, NAS).”

 Myles Munroe once said, “The religious are cowards because they want everything perfect all the time, but those who are Kingdom-minded aren’t afraid of anything!” That struck me to the core because truer words have scarcely been uttered. If you’re a faithful churchgoer yet you remain bound in fear under the pressure of hardships, you have yet to transition from being religious to Spirit-led. Spirit-driven people experience pockets of fear, absolutely, but knowing the secret of overcoming it (walking in faith) is key. Overcomers praise instead of murmur and give thanks for the trials because they know in their inner-most being that God has already resolved the issue and that it will work for good because they love Him.

The Bible expressly states Christ came to abolish religion; therefore we, Christ followers, are not to be religious but Kingdom. In other words, instead of trying with futility to do all the right things all the time so that everything will go our way all the time, rest. Well-meaning religions folks are exhausted, but when we abandon religious traditions made by man so as to control people, we can finally be free. We are then free to understand that we’re living in a condemned world that has zero to offer God’s people; free to endure tumultuous situations without shame and free to praise God in faith through every burden of life. Freedom means we have great expectation that He will be glorified, He has already delivered us from evil, and that His promises will prove themselves fulfilled as the end result.

Only Kingdom-minded people can suffer intense agony and come out better on the other side free from bitterness and anger. Countless people throughout the ages have weathered immeasurable storms: Noah, Jonah, Job, Jael, the midwives who faced Pharaoh at Moses’ birth, Mary, Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene, David, Uriah, Paul, Peter, Daniel, and the list goes on and on. Once we begin to see through the looking glass of the King, we’ll see things vastly differently and, in this, we’ll approach them differently with great clarity and the calm of God Himself.

Instead of God’s people trying to make everything fit into a perfect little man-made idea concocted by Satan and exacerbated by religions of the world, let’s look at things with a fresh perspective – with the eye of the King. Let’s stop caving to fear and begin being so Kingdom-driven that we’re afraid of nothing, that we’re no longer  intimidated by circumstances thrown our way and stop giving Satan any credit for our attacks. Let us begin again no matter how long we’ve practiced our religion that poses as something Christ-created. Come out from among them and the world’s system and be ye separated unto the King of kings!

Philippians 1:28 reads, “in no way alarmed by your opponents–which is a sign of destruction for them, but of salvation for you, and that too, from God.” Your “opponent” can be a person, place, thing, religion, situation, or anything that causes you fear and anxiety. This book is purposed to assist the body of Christ so as to become so powerful that they no longer give allowance to fear and begin to gird their loins and face every obstacle with confidence in the God who has made us (past-tense) overcomers through faith. We don’t need to become overcomers as religion would teach; conversely, through seeing everything as “already complete” we’ll become awakened so as to respond with the attitude of “I’m already an overcomer through Jesus Christ, our Lord, King and Savior!”

 front cover2

Alexys Wolf’s book, Holiness or Heresy, speaks of God’s truth vs. our fleshly belief. She inspires her readers to be hearers and doers of God’s word in every area of their lives. Alexys’ spiritual calling, style of teaching, and writing reminds me of our late Dr. Myles Munroe and I truly believe God has passed His mantle from Dr. Munroe to her so that His Kingdom-Living Agenda will continue until Christ returns. Excellent read and packed full of the heart of the King! ~Prophetess Willa Robinson, Texas

 As I’ve read, Holiness or Heresy, several times over, I see more and more and more of the error (including my own) of the modern-day church. I have pondered within myself,What is it going to take for the body of Christ to receive this great truth?” My prayer is that the vision and revelation God has given Alexys would be received as from the heart of the King; that the body would become one in mind, spirit, and body as we are with Christ. I pray that, through this book and from others from whom God is speaking a word of correction, people will be awakened in the deepest part of their spirit and connect with the Spirit of the Living God. Holiness or Heresy, is an eye-opener if ever I’ve read one! I’ve been in church all my life and have never ever heard such powerful, astounding revelation of the subject of the modern-day church. In reading this God-inspired writing, I recognize the vast difference between the original Church and how God’s people have diminished and even destroyed it throughout the centuries. We have digressed into a black hole of religiosity, the very thing for which Christ came to abolish. We must adjust according to God’s instruction and I realize it starts with one.  Although I’ve read, Holiness or Heresy, several times over, I will joyfully read it again! I am beyond thrilled to have such a book for myself and I also pray that the whole of the body of Christ will read it as well. It’s a book for the ages! ~Pamela Scholtes, South Carolina

 Alexys totally amazes me with such wisdom, insight and revelation that she shares with the Body of Christ. It is easy to see how the Church has become unfocused upon that which is biblical and true, rather following after what is easy and accepted. This book, Holiness or Heresy, which I have read several times because of the depth and understanding that is unveiled, is not a book for just a casual reader. This book causes one to dig deeply within their soul and search their deep inner chambers to discover their real relationship with God and if His divine holiness is living within. Scriptural references are given as the basis for each topic and eye-opening revelation that will cause one to think, be challenged, and allow one to move closer to our Holy God. For the believer who desires to get past the fluff and fake, this is the book for you. ~Darin Godby, pastor, Kentucky


front cover

This book that Alexys has written is empowering! Both this and it’s companion, Holiness or Heresy, are life transforming. It has challenged me to look into the Kingdom of God in ways I’ve never known were available. I always thought that having Jesus was having the Kingdom, yet I never explored any further than Christ crucified and arisen from the grave. There is a whole world to be tapped into that I realize now most pastors don’t even recognize or understand! Learning my position in the Earth having been sent here from God’s Kingdom is amazing! I now see everything from a brand new perspective! ~ Pamela Scholtes, South Carolina

 Thy Kingdom Come, is an enabling, powerful read, and you shall be blessed by every word of God put into print. Love God and study the Kingdom. Thank you, Alexys V. Wolf, for your labor of love. Your gift has made room for you that we all come to know that we are to live on the other side of the Cross that Thy Kingdom Come in us first.  ~Dr. Amos J. Young, Sr., Pastor, California


Understanding Kingdom Prayer


Believers are encouraged to make prayer a part of their daily communion with God, yet many haven’t been stretched within their faith to explore deeper areas. Author Alexys V. Wolf encourages the reader to look beyond praying and asking and move to a deeper level of declaring the truth God has already birthed within them. “Understanding Kingdom Prayer” allows the believer to research and examine the Scriptures for themselves. It challenges the believer to declare God’s truth and take back what rightfully belongs to the Body of Christ as we usher in the next great move of the Holy Spirit. Alexys challenges us to praise God in advance of the answer, before it’s birthed, before we can see it. We are to simply praise Him for who He is, not for what He has done or will do. I wish this book would have been available in my early years, but I’m thrilled for this wonderfully written resource that I know I will use time and time again, as well as share with others to help enrich their lives. ~ Darin W. Godby – Revivalist           

Alexys Wolf’s book, “Understanding Kingdom Prayer,” is so much more than praying and asking. We are walked through an incredible documentation of Scripture and commentary of practical application of the Word. Beyond practical application, what the author has done in “Understanding Kingdom Prayer” is document with Scripture God’s overwhelming love for us. He gave us Christ as our payment for our sin and then His Holy Spirit who dwells within us. We have been given everything we need, therefore we simply need to claim it and remove the distractions of our fleshly desires. While reading this book, I couldn’t keep from thinking how great is the Father’s love for us. With love so pure, how can we ever question His will and provision? How could we ever think we could possibly know what is best for us? Our loving and holy Father’s will and timing are perfect, just perfect! ~David Buckley


WWGT cover front

Are you seeking a deeper, more intimate walk with God? My first book, What Was God Thinking, reveals our true identity in Christ with the purpose of freeing Christians from the bondage of the world’s labels by discovering the REST in Christ.


WHAT WAS GOD THINKING? WHY ADAM HAD TO DIE is an extraordinary book on living the Christian life, an exhortation to rise to a new level of faith. Author Alexys V. Wolf is frank, honest and open; she has a clear, pull-no-punches style; her insights are often original and thought-provoking, demonstrating a profound depth of Bible knowledge as well as personal experience.

The author issues an uncompromising call to personal holiness: challenging believers to die to the fleshly nature inherited from Adam, to hear and obey their Lord in “reckless abandonment,” to walk in humility and Spirit-filled purity. “You cannot be carnal in any form and think it is ‘okay with God’ just because He is ‘the God of love.'” Proclaimed in these pages is the true gospel of Christ, not the “cheap grace” so often preached and practiced by churchgoers today. Valuable for personal or group study, What was God Thinking? would surely be welcome too as a gift. Highly recommended! – Author Walter B. Cisco, SC

Alexys Wolf ’s first book, What Was God Thinking: Why Adam Had to Die, opened my eyes to knowing who God is and what my place is in this life. I now talk about God like he is a real person because he is real in me. Being a Christian is not easy, but a lot of her topics help new Christians like me in our daily walk with God. Looking for God is not only for Christian people, but for people in general who may not have found him yet. I say this because when she gave me this book, it was a time when I had family members in a crisis. Her books have taught me patience and endurance, and what it is to have hope in God. I am learning to believe in myself as a child of God—to let go and let God handle all. She has taught me the real meaning of praise and worship and what it is to really have an intimate relationship with God. She gives Scripture to back everything she says. – Jimmie Lynn McNeil, ex-inmate



Rating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Darin Godby for Readers’ Favorite

How to Get It Right: Being Single, Married, Divorced and Everything in Between is one of the best books I have ever read on all the deep questions involved in this topic. It does more than just provide opinions; it gives scripture to look at concerning these various issues. This isn’t a fluffy book filled with data; this is instead a hard-hitting, thought-provoking book that gives honest answers and things to consider for your own individual life. The section dealing with covenant is awesome. There is much insight that will bring help and healing to those who have been hurt in previous marriage situations. There is a way to be healthy within a marriage and God must be first and foremost for that to occur. Building the relationship takes more than desire and author Alexys Wolf helps the reader to see just that. She shares personal experiences which help the reader to relate to and come up along beside her in her quest for knowledge and truth.

This is definitely one of the finest books that I have read on this subject and one that I would recommend to others who want to build up their marriage. This would be a great book for a church library. I look forward to additional resources to be printed from this author to draw strength and encouragement. At the end of each chapter is a prayer that is certainly heart-felt and encouraging. You can pray with that and allow God to move within your life. There are scriptural references at the end of the book that provide the reader with additional ways to look up a particular area they may need help in.

All books can be purchased through

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