The Fiery Sword Publications is an offshoot of The Fiery Sword Global Ministries. It is small, but Alexys assists new authors as led by the Spirit of God. For more information, contact Alexys at 

WDRBmedia via iheartradio – “Better Together” Radio Broadcast

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Radio Broadcast Information

“Better Together” Radio Broadcast airs Sunday mornings 8 a.m. EST on WDRBmedia streaming through iheartradio. Download iheartradio and search from WDRBmedia. Together, Alexys V. Wolf and Sandy Renner join forces to grow people in the Kingdom of God. All episodes can be found at

“Better Together” discuss Alexys’ books and much more. Every subject centers around the Kingdom of God. vs. modern-day religion. Freedom is the goal in everything taught. Religion brings bondage. The Kingdom ushers liberty. Sandy has been in ministry over 40 years, and Alexys has been ministering to people since her early pre-teens.

Kingdom Talk 07 2020

Stay Tuned!

Alexys will be the guest speaker on Kingdom Talk Radio Philippines, July 17th, 9 a.m. EST. It will air on Facebook and can be viewed later on YouTube.

Just Call Me Sarah, WGGS-16, Greenville, SC

Nite Line, WGGS-16 Greenville, SC