The Purpose of Lucifer

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God created the heavens and the earth. He created angels to fill the heavenly realm. The angels were not created in the image of God. Lucifer was God’s highest angel; the one for whom God created specific jewels (Ezekiel 28). Lucifer is who we would call in modern day terms the “go to guy.” He stood right beside God and the glory of the Lord was so intensely bright that Lucifer’s jewels would glow as though the light itself belonged to Lucifer.

This was the problem for Lucifer. The light that belonged to God, Lucifer took as his own and, as a result, his wisdom was perverted. We read also in Ezekiel 28 that pride overcame Lucifer which led to his sudden expulsion. Clearly he was not a being with whom God could commune on the level He truly desired.

This led God to create Adam and his lineage. They (the Trinity) created man in Their image so as to have someone as close to Their nature as possible with whom He could be in relationship – someone with whom He could “relate.” Since God cannot recreate Himself, any created being would definitely fall short. God, knowing this prior to creating any living being, knew what would have to transpire.

Since Adam and Eve were obviously insufficient and God can only commune with one as perfect as He, the stage was set to be able to place Himself within flawed man at a later date. Only at the presence of sin through the evil one could man be faced with the choice to die to himself and allow the life breath of God to enter us. For those who choose to die to themselves and allow the entrance of Holy Spirit, we are then free to commune with and relate to our most Holy God on God’s level by our own volition. In this, God communes with Himself through us, an otherwise worthless earthen vessel.

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Alexys V. Wolf